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If you are worried about having an eating disorder, take the test below. If your score is 45 or higher we recommend you talk to a professional about your concern.

For each of the following statements score as follows:

_____ 1. I am constantly thinking about feeling fat.
_____ 2. My weight determines my self-esteem.
_____ 3. I get on the scale daily.
_____ 4. I feel guilt or shame after eating.
_____ 5. When I discover I've gained a pound, I panic.
_____ 6. I diet repeatedly to lose weight.
_____ 7. I binge (eat large amounts of food in a short period of time.)
_____ 8. There are days when I don't eat at all.
_____ 9. I make myself throw up.
_____ 10. I use laxatives or diuretics to control my weight.
_____ 11. I avoid social events because of my weight.
_____ 12. My weight prevents me from accomplishing other goals in life.
_____ 13. If I cannot exercise to burn off calories, I panic.
_____ 14. I feel depressed when I look through fashion magazines.
_____ 15. I eat fro emotional comfort or to relieve stress or depression.
_____ 16. I eat sensibly in front of others and make up for it when I am alone.
_____ 17. I feel self-conscious around thin people.
_____ 18. I divide food in two categories: "good" and "bad".
_____ 19. I feel out of control with food.
_____ 20. I dislike my body.
_____ Total If you score higher than 45 you may have an eating disorder.

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